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Ethan Flores
Ethan Flores

Synchro Arts VocAlign Pro RTAS V4 1 5 OSX INTEL (MAC) ##TOP##

Description : VocALign is a unique audio editing tool from Synchroarts, with the help of which two audio signals are easily synchronized with the click of a button. The plugin significantly speeds up the performance of audio synchronization tasks and improves the quality of the result. The VST plugin comes to the rescue when mixing two vocals or backing vocals. When recording dubbing or instrumental parts, for example, a double track. The unique capabilities of VocALign Pro to tune two audio signals help in creating remixes, choosing the rhythm and step for the selected vocals, or even set the tempo. The program is also successfully used in post-production. VocALign automatically edits the duplicated dialog line so that it synchronizes with the original version in the movie or video. A dubbing actor can concentrate on the game, not on timing, and as a result get a perfectly synchronized dialogue.

Synchro Arts VocAlign Pro RTAS V4 1 5 OSX INTEL (MAC)


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