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so i add the file name that is being downloded to the exclusions list (i.e. excluded files and locations) but it still blocks it (i'm talking about it not even succeeds to donwload and save the file, let alone install it..)i've added 3 files to the exclusion list (based on what i saw was the file name being downloaded)aa_v3.exeaa_v3[1].exeammyyadmin

Ammyy Admin 3 added


You can manage network computers and servers remotely without complicated NAT settings adjustments or Firewall problems. Assist your colleagues with remote access software and be confident all the transmitted data is reliably secured. Using Ammyy Admin as a tool for remote desktop connection and control is the best way to save time and money.Learn more about remote system administration

Ammyy Admin facilitates remote maintenance and control of other systems. The software can also transmit its own desktop and audio content to any targeted system. This Ammyy Admin functionality can also be used to organize remote training courses and online presentations. As a remote maintenance software, Ammyy Admin can operate as a help desk and provide IT administration capability.

Delete this registry value [ Learn More ][ back ] Important: Editing the Windows Registry incorrectly can lead to irreversible system malfunction. Please do this step only if you know how or you can ask assistance from your system administrator. Else, check this Microsoft article first before modifying your computer's registry.

Before we dive into the meat of this blog, a brief technical analysis of the backdoor is necessary to provide some context. CARBANAK is a full-featured backdoor with data-stealing capabilities and a plugin architecture. Some of its capabilities include key logging, desktop video capture, VNC, HTTP form grabbing, file system management, file transfer, TCP tunneling, HTTP proxy, OS destruction, POS and Outlook data theft and reverse shell. Most of these data-stealing capabilities were present in the oldest variants of CARBANAK that we have seen and some were added over time.

The pseudo-HTTP protocol uses any proxies discovered by the HTTP proxy monitoring thread or added by the adminka command. The backdoor also searches for proxy configurations to use in the registry at HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings and for each profile in the Mozilla Firefox configuration file at %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\\prefs.js.

The website of the company that develops the popular remote administration software Ammyy Admin has been repeatedly compromised in the last year or so, and users who downloaded the tool were saddled with malware.

Monitor for applications and processes related to remote admin tools. Correlate activity with other suspicious behavior that may reduce false positives if these tools are used by legitimate users and administrators. Domain Fronting may be used in conjunction to avoid defenses. Adversaries will likely need to deploy and/or install these remote tools to compromised systems. It may be possible to detect or prevent the installation of these tools with host-based solutions.

The FlawedAmmyy sample will run the code corresponding to case 0x1F to generate the service creation command, then call the export function Exec of nsExec.dll to execute these commands, create the ammyy and foundation services.


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