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Squid Game: The Challenge - Everything You Need to Know About the Netflix Competition Show

Squid Challenge: The Ultimate Guide to Netflix's Reality Show Based on Squid Game

If you loved Squid Game, the hit South Korean drama that became Netflix's most-watched series ever, you might be curious about Squid Challenge, the reality show based on it. But what is Squid Challenge exactly, and how does it differ from the original show? Is it worth watching, or is it just a cheap imitation that exploits its contestants? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more, as we give you the ultimate guide to Squid Challenge.

squid challenge

What is Squid Challenge?

Squid Challenge is a reality competition series that was announced by Netflix in June 2022, after the success of Squid Game. It is produced by Studio Lambert and The Garden, two British production companies that are known for shows like Gogglebox, Undercover Boss, and The Circle. According to Netflix, Squid Challenge is a "massive competition and social experiment" that tests how far people are willing to go for money.

The premise and format of the show

The premise and format of Squid Challenge are very similar to those of Squid Game. The show features 456 contestants from around the world, who are randomly selected to participate in a series of games based on Korean children's games. The contestants wear green tracksuits with numbers on them, while the staff wear red suits and black masks. The games take place in a huge set that resembles the one from the original show, complete with a giant doll, a bridge, and a squid-shaped arena.

However, unlike Squid Game, where losing means death, Squid Challenge does not involve any violence or bloodshed. Instead, the contestants wear movie-style blood packs that explode on their bodies if they fail a game, simulating the effect of being shot. The contestants are also free to leave the game at any time, without any consequences. However, if they stay until the end, they have a chance to win a huge cash prize.

The games and challenges featured on the show

The games and challenges featured on Squid Challenge are mostly inspired by the ones from Squid Game, but with some variations and additions. Here are some examples of the games that the contestants have to face:

  • Red Light, Green Light: The contestants have to cross a field while a giant doll turns around and scans them with its eyes. If they move when the doll says "red light", they are eliminated.

  • Dalgona Cookie: The contestants have to cut out a shape from a thin honeycomb candy without breaking it. If they break it or fail to finish in time, they are eliminated.

  • Tug of War: The contestants are divided into teams of 10 and have to pull a rope over a pit. The team that falls into the pit is eliminated.

  • Marbles: The contestants are paired up and have to play various games with marbles. The winner of each game gets all the marbles from their opponent. The contestant who loses all their marbles is eliminated.

  • Glass Bridge: The contestants have to cross a bridge made of glass panels. Some panels are strong enough to support their weight, while others are weak and will shatter. The contestants have to guess which panels are safe and which ones are not. If they step on a weak panel, they fall into a net below.

  • Squid Game: The final game is based on the traditional Korean game of the same name. The contestants have to draw a squid-shaped figure on the ground and divide it into two zones: the body and the head. One contestant is the attacker, who has to enter the body zone and reach the head zone, while the other is the defender, who has to stop them. The attacker can only use one foot, while the defender can use both feet and hands. The attacker wins if they reach the head zone, while the defender wins if they push the attacker out of the figure.

These are just some of the games that Squid Challenge offers. There are also other games that are not based on Squid Game, such as dodgeball, hopscotch, and musical chairs. The show also adds some twists and surprises to keep the contestants on their toes, such as changing the rules, adding obstacles, or introducing special guests.

The prize money and how to win it

The prize money for Squid Challenge is $45.6 million, which is equivalent to 45.6 billion won, the currency used in Squid Game. This amount is also equal to 100,000 times the debt of each contestant, which is revealed at the beginning of the show. The prize money is stored in a giant piggy bank that hangs above the set, and it decreases every time a contestant is eliminated.

To win the prize money, a contestant has to survive all the games and be the last one standing. However, there is also another way to end the game: by voting. After each game, the contestants are given a chance to vote whether they want to continue or stop the game. If more than half of them vote to stop, the game ends and the remaining contestants split the prize money equally. However, if they vote to continue, they have to face another game.

Why is Squid Challenge controversial?

While Squid Challenge may sound like an exciting and fun show, it has also been met with a lot of controversy and criticism. Many people have accused the show of being inhumane, unethical, and illegal for various reasons.

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