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Where To Buy Cheap Disney Infinity Characters

Disney Infinity features two main game modes - Play Sets and the Toy Box. Play Sets are the "campaign" or "story mode", while the Toy Box is a sandbox mode where players can create their own experience out of a vast collection of tools, gadgets, themes, and characters.

where to buy cheap disney infinity characters

The Toy Box is included with the Starter Kit and is where players can create their own worlds, bringing together Disney characters, items and settings from a mish mash of films. Playing through Play Sets unlocks items for use in the Toy Box, and each figure has exclusive items to unlock, so the more figures that are brought into the Play Sets, the more items will be available in the Toy Box.

"This is where you feel the hand of Disney's marketing department," says Game Informer's Andrew Reiner, scoring Infinity with a robust nine out of ten. "It pushes the player to try other modes and - if you want to make your Toy Box as deep as possible - purchase more figures and play sets to unlock more stuff. You'll frequently run into boxes you cannot open unless you have specific characters. Some of these boxes are tied to characters that aren't available for purchase yet."

"When characters level up or their unique challenges are completed, they earn tokens that can be redeemed for spins to unlock a random toy box item," continues Reiner. "This is the element of the game where I found myself cringing as the thought 'I need more figures' crossed my mind." However, it's through this mode that the keys to Infinity's real treasure are revealed: the vast array of pieces to play with in the Toy Box mode which, for Reiner, is the game's highlight. 041b061a72


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