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UBOAT PC V1.9(2019) !FULL!

Other icons can include panicked, injured or dead crew, damage to the uboat, incoming radio transmissions, unread messages, available missions, and compressed air. These will be covered later as they come up.

UBOAT PC V1.9(2019)


In the upper left we have our current view level, location and date/time, and time compression settings (more on that later). On the left we have plotting tools (for making notes on the map), in the lower left we have shortcuts to various zoom levels, in the lower right we have our list of officers (currently only Herr Kohler is available to control), and in the upper right we have a status box, which includes our time at sea, current wind speed, our navigation error, depth and coordinates of the mouse pointer, and a button to centre the uboat in our view. The map can be left-clicked and dragged, use WASD, or use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.

Now that we're out of friendly seas and into the open ocean, it's time to talk about Task and interacting with the uboat and enlisted crew. This section can be completed in First Person, or in Section View.

You'll see white or green (indicating it's "turned on") icons on various things that show you what you can interact with. Some of the more common objects have their icons always visible, some are not so obvious, but if you hold down ALT you'll see everything. If it's purely informational, such as a ballast tank, the icon is a circle with an "i" in it. Hovering over it gives more information, such as whether you can use it, who's using it, and its status. Most equipment has a gear icon, most storage has a box icon, and most doors have a door icon. Specific stations may have their own custom icon, such as hydrophone or periscope. Use this opportunity to look around the uboat, examining various equipment, just be careful what you touch!

You are ordered to flood the ballast tanks and dive quickly. First step is to flood the tanks, letting water in to reduce the uboat's buoyancy. Go to the control room, clicking on the Valves. This will open the ballast tanks, allowing water to rush in. Next step is to set our depth to 50m. Open the depth control, and select 50m. The crew will seal the external hatches and prepare to dive. Will you manage to escape the destroyer?

20 May 1944HMS Virtue (Lt. R.D. Cairns, DSC. RN) arrived at Lerwick.She departed for her 1st war patrol later the same day. She was ordered to patrol in the Norwegian Sea on an anti-uboat patrol.For the daily positions of HMS Virtue during this patrol see the map below. (5) 041b061a72


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