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Where To Buy Cheap Stuff To Sell On Ebay Fix

I am rather envious of people who have more sourcing opportunities than I do. We have never run out of inventory. And I also know people who live in very rural places that make a full-time living selling on ebay. It is possible, you just have to get creative.

where to buy cheap stuff to sell on ebay

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I love, love, love church sales! These are usually a fundraiser for their youth group or a mission trip. They are typically held in the church gym, which is usually a large space, and there is so many items there. Many times they will have a fill-a-bag sale where you can get clothing for really cheap.

This is where networking (making friends) can be super helpful. If you know other people that resell, they can let you know about other garage sales. They might also call you up and offer you items that they have if they know what you buy.

There are two ways to source inventory for ebay from friends and family. One is to ask if they have anything that they would be willing to donate to you, and the other is to sell their items on consignment. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Anywhere you can, negotiate the price. We negotiate the price at garage sales all the time. Bundling items (making a pile) is a great way to get a cheaper price. If you see similar items priced individually, ask how much the seller will take for all of it. It may be cheaper to buy it all, even if you have to find something to do with the rest of it.

The best part about selling phones on eBay is that eBay lets you create separate listings for used, refurbished, and new cell phones. This is unlike Amazon, where used phones have to share listing space with refurbished and new listings, which decreases visibility.

Some items in the above list are prohibited by eBay whereas other items simply do not sell well. Regardless, if you stay clear of the products above, you should be able to generate sales.

Then, I'd notice that if some time passed since my last exciting and fresh haul, things would slow again. I'd be stuck with those same hundreds of items that have been in my store for 5+ years. Nothing would be selling. I'd go hunt for more liquidations, for more thrift store sales, for more garage sales, for more people willing to give me a bunch of stuff for cheap because they're going out of business or view this stuff as junk (despite it selling very well online)

So, I'd sulk for a few days about how it's Ebay's fault, and sales are slow, etc. etc. Then, I'd sort of snap out of it and I'd go on a mission to source more cheap items through my contacts that I've made and all of the aforementioned methods that I use for sourcing items. And, ta-da, I'd come across another great haul of several hundred items that are newer, fresher, and more easy to sell than a lot of the hard to sell stuff sitting in my inventory for over half a decade. I'd bring these new hauls in, list them, and things would go flying off the shelves.

You can talk about conspiracies all you want. They may be true, they may not be true. Maybe there's a middle ground where they're half true - I don't know and I don't want to get into a debate about what I do or do not know to be a 100% absolute and concrete fact. What I do know, however, is that there's no way that hundreds upon hundreds of my items have been being throttled, have had search engine issues, have little page views, and have been limited in visibility for over half a decade simply because it's Ebay's fault. The truth is, no one wants those items that have been in my store for over five years. No one wants them. I have seen it time and time again. I'll come home with a 400 item haul of things that are more in demand and more desirable and it'll sell like hot cakes while I'll still have those several hundred items in my store that no one absolutely wants, despite my best efforts to try to sell them.

Why? Because even if all of these problems that people speculate about were 100% fixed, we would still be battling extensive competition, over-saturated categories, Chinese sellers (who sell much cheaper than us), our items simply not being in style anymore, people buying the same items we do sell from other websites, and we'd still be competing with thousands of other sellers who are selling in the same category. It would still be chaos even if every single issue that people are speculating about was fixed.

Seller A has an item.Buyer A, B, and C want this said item.Buyer A may find this said item that Seller A is selling on a plethora of other online marketplaces completely outside of Ebay.Buyer B may go out and buy this item in person.Buyer C wants to buy this item on Ebay itself and no other online or in-person store.Now, Buyer C has to sift through hundreds or thousands of search results.The ones with the best price, the best photos, the best descriptions, the best visibility, the highest promotional rates, etc. are all fighting to attract Buyer C to buy their item.Meanwhile, Buyer A got the same item elsewhere on the internet and Buyer B bought the same item in person.Now, Buyer C has to sift through Ebay's search results to try to find the best value for their buck.Buyer C may even change their minds while searching for items on Ebay and decide that they want to get the item elsewhere online from a different marketplace or try to go out and buy it in person like Buyer A and B.

Hopefully that put things more into perspective. Remember that as Ebay expands and grows with more and more sellers flooding in to sell their items, there are also places elsewhere on the internet on different marketplaces as well that are expanding. There are places in real life that are expanding. We have more sellers now than we did in the past, but also, there are now more other online marketplaces where buyers can get items from. People often say "I remember when Ebay was different and things sold quickly..." I remember those days, too.

3) Yes, search engines and algorithms definitely changed. Yes, throttling may be a thing. I'm not discounting it. 4) Remember, things go out of style and out of fashion. Older generations may stop buying a lot of the vintage / collectible stuff that yard sales and thrift stores often have and the newer generations (who were not using Ebay 10-15 years ago) are now using Ebay and shopping for completely different items than what were commonly popular 10-15 years ago.5) Add in a ton of extra factors that I have not mentioned or listed, and, you have a recipe for why sales might not be as good as they once were. I, of course, can't list every reason or name every algorithm issue that may exist. I can't go into every search engine issue, or every website flaw that I'm sure impacts visibility and our sales, but, I'm pretty sure that we all know by now that this is not a very well oiled machine, so, obviously sales going south and things going wrong from time to time (or being on a steady decline, even) is not out of the realm of possibility, but, this could be for so many different reasons. It could be a 50/50 combination of Ebay's fault vs the seller doing some trivial thing wrong such as being off on pricing, or not having good photos, or a good title, etc.

All in all, I think that there are so many different factors and elements that factor into sales being potentially slow, and, I see a lot of people sitting on the forums and speculating about what Ebay is doing wrong. "Ebay is doing this...", "Ebay is doing that." - OK. Even if Ebay is doing all of these aforementioned things that are wreaking havoc on our sales, we have absolutely no control over it. However, even if Ebay's system is at fault and is causing slow sales for us, I am fairly certain that if that is the case, then it is merely a piece of the puzzle. If the site itself is doing something to hinder our sales, then, we cannot control it. There are other pieces of the puzzle here to look at. If Ebay being wonky is only one piece of the puzzle as to why our sales are low, then we must re-evaluate the pieces of the puzzle that we can control. What can be control? Sourcing better items, changing keywords, taking better photos, writing better descriptions, having sales, adding promotions to items that aren't selling, advertising our Ebay stores on social media platforms, listing new items daily to try to bring in traffic, etc. I can't tell you how many times I'd list a brand new item and the buyer would message me to let me know that they saw my newly listed item, ended up looking through my store, saw some stuff that they liked, and ended up wanting to buy 5 items or so that have been in my store for ages. It happens all the time. I'll list something new every day, and, sometimes whoever buys the newly listed item will scan my store for other cool stuff, and, they'll end up buying an item that has been in my store for 5+ years that was otherwise not selling whatsoever beforehand. While we may not be able to control everything about our selling experiences here on Ebay, and while we are all probably aware that there are many external factors that may weigh in on why sales are slow, let's not forget all the things that we can control and do have some power over and some say in. Good luck to you all. P.S: Before anyone comes at me with torches and pitchforks, no, I am not an Ebay cheerleader. I am not dismissing the issues Ebay does have. I am not 100% happy with my selling experience nor did I ever say that I was. Sometimes, the lack of sales on slow months really does get to me. I am fairly neutral because I'm not polarized to one side of the spectrum. I see so many polarized posts on the forums. There are some people that are 100% blaming Ebay for slow sales and there are some people who are 100% blaming sellers for the issues. Me? I'm somewhere in the middle, thinking that maybe the blame is 50/50 + blame should be given to all of the external factors that I mentioned that might be affecting things. I'm just trying to counteract whatever selling obstacles are thrown at me by doing things that are actually in my power that I have some form of control over, and, I just sort of wing it and hope for the best. 041b061a72


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