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Azana Askies I 39;m Sorry Remix Mp3 Download Fakaza

Azana Askies I'm Sorry Remix Mp3 Download Fakaza: A Review

If you are a fan of South African pop music, you might have heard of Azana, a talented singer and songwriter who released her debut album Ingoma in 2020. One of the songs from the album, Askies I'm Sorry, became a hit and received a remix by Mr Ronald and Knight SA. In this article, we will review the remix and tell you how you can download it from Fakaza, a popular website for South African music.

azana askies i 39;m sorry remix mp3 download fakaza


Before we get into the details of the remix, let us first introduce you to the main artist, the original song, and the website where you can download it.

Who is Azana?

Azana is a South African singer and songwriter who was born in Durban. She started singing at a young age and joined a gospel choir when she was 12. She later met Sun-El Musician, a famous producer and DJ, who helped her launch her career. She signed with Big City Dreams Records and released her first single Your Love in 2019. The song was well-received and earned her nominations for Best Female Artist and Best Newcomer at the South African Music Awards. In 2020, she released her debut album Ingoma, which means "song" in Zulu. The album features 14 tracks that showcase her soulful voice and versatile style. She collaborated with artists like Sun-El Musician, Claudio x Kenza, S-Tone, Just Bheki, and others. The album was praised by critics and fans alike and reached number one on iTunes South Africa.

What is Askies I'm Sorry?

Askies I'm Sorry is one of the songs from Azana's album Ingoma. It is a pop song with elements of Afro-house and soul. The title means "sorry" in Afrikaans, a language spoken in South Africa. The song is about a woman who apologizes to a man for not being interested in him romantically. She tells him that she only sees him as a friend and that they can never be lovers. She also tells him that he misunderstood her signals and that she never meant to hurt him. The song has a catchy chorus that repeats "haaay', angeke sithandane", which means "oh no, we will never love each other" in Zulu.

What is Fakaza?

Fakaza is a website that offers free downloads of South African music. The name comes from a Zulu word that means "to share". The website was founded in 2016 and has since become one of the most popular sources of South African music online. It features various genres of music, such as hip hop, house, kwaito, gqom, amapiano, maskandi, gospel, and more. It also provides news, videos, lyrics, and reviews of South African music. Fakaza is updated daily with new songs and albums from both established and emerging artists.

The Remix

Now that we have introduced you to Azana, Askies I'm Sorry, and Fakaza, let us talk about the remix of the song that was released in 2021 by Mr Ronald and Knight SA. We will tell you who they are, how the remix sounds, and where you can download it.

Who are Mr Ronald and Knight SA?

Mr Ronald and Knight SA are two South African producers and DJs who specialize in deep house and soulful house music. They have been working together since 2019 and have released several remixes and original songs. Some of their popular remixes include Sun-El Musician's Ubomi Abumanga, Simmy's Ngiyesaba, and Mthunzi's Uyathandeka. They also have their own radio show called Deeper Soulful Sounds, where they showcase their mixes and new music. They are known for their smooth and soothing sound that blends vocals, piano, saxophone, and other instruments.

How does the remix sound?

The remix of Askies I'm Sorry by Mr Ronald and Knight SA is a deep house version of the original song. It has a slower tempo and a longer duration than the original song. It also has more instrumental elements, such as piano chords, saxophone solos, and drum beats. The remix keeps the vocals of Azana intact, but adds some effects and echoes to them. The remix also changes the structure of the song, adding an intro, a bridge, and an outro. The remix gives the song a more relaxed and romantic vibe, while still maintaining the message of the song.

Where can you download the remix?

If you want to download the remix of Askies I'm Sorry by Mr Ronald and Knight SA, you can do so from Fakaza. Fakaza offers free downloads of South African music in mp3 format. You can also stream the remix online from Fakaza or from YouTube. To download the remix from Fakaza, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to

  • Type "Azana Askies I'm Sorry Remix" in the search box

  • Click on the result that says "Azana Askies Im Sorry (Mr Ronald & Knight SA Remix)"

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green button that says "Download Mp3"

  • Wait for the download to start and save the file on your device

You can also watch the video of the remix on YouTube by following this link:

The Lyrics

Now that we have talked about the remix, let us take a look at the lyrics of the song. We will explain what they mean, how they relate to the original song, and what are some of the key phrases in them.

What is the meaning of Askies I'm Sorry?

As we mentioned before, Askies I'm Sorry means "sorry" in Afrikaans. It is a common expression used in South Africa to apologize for something or to express sympathy. It can also be used as a slang term to say "no" or "never mind". In the context of the song, Azana uses it to say sorry to a man who has feelings for her but she does not reciprocate them. She tells him that she only sees him as a friend and that they can never be lovers.

How do the lyrics relate to the original song?

The lyrics of the remix are exactly the same as the lyrics of the original song. The only difference is that the remix adds some background vocals that repeat some words or phrases from the lyrics, such as "askies", "angeke", "haaay", and "I'm sorry". The lyrics of both versions are written in English, Zulu, and Afrikaans. The lyrics tell a story of a woman who rejects a man's advances and tries to explain her reasons. She says that she does not want to hurt him or lead him on, but she also does not want to be with him.

What are some of the key phrases in the lyrics?

Some of the key phrases in the lyrics are:

  • "Askies I'm sorry" - This is the main phrase that repeats throughout the song. It means "sorry" in Afrikaans.

  • "Angeke sithandane" - This is another phrase that repeats in the chorus. It means "we will never love each other" in Zulu.

  • "I don't wanna break your heart" - This is a phrase that Azana sings in English to show her concern for the man's feelings.

  • "Ungang'qondi" - This is a phrase that Azana sings in Zulu to tell the man that he misunderstood her. It means "you don't understand" or "you got it wrong".

  • "Ek sien jou net as 'n vriend" - This is a phrase that Azana sings in Afrikaans to tell the man that she only sees him as a friend. It means "I see you only as a friend".

You can find the full lyrics of the song and their translation on

The Reviews

Finally, let us see what the critics and the fans have to say about the remix of Askies I'm Sorry by Mr Ronald and Knight SA. We will also look at how popular the remix is on YouTube and other platforms.

What do the critics say about the remix?